Best Content Marketing Service – 8 Tips to Help Your Website Growing and Readers

Content Marketing Service

You the writer are offering Content Marketing Services where you believe it or not by creating blog posts on your website. Blog posts are essential for any website. They can keep people on your website for more than 2 minutes, which Google will love, and the posts keep your site fresh and growing. The minimum amount of posting you want to do is once a week. There is no maximum.

Eight tips to keep your readers' attention:

Deliberate exaggeration

Use emotional exaggeration to "sharpen" readers' attention on a specific topic. But only a slight emotional exaggeration, not a distortion of the information.


Create an inevitable drama inside the text to empathize, and hopefully, the reader will see themselves within the story that is told. The writing should be fascinating and understandable. Exaggeration is not good in posts; otherwise, there is a risk of losing your reader's attention.


It is powerful and often used for grabbing the attention of your reader. Don't be afraid to provoke instant but short-term disagreement with the information provided to your readers. It will prompt your reader to leave comments and start a conversation on your blog page. There is never a bad comment unless it is not focused on the content and blatant SPAM.

The element of surprise

A reader always enjoys reading something fresh and new. New and fresh information will prompt your clients, shoppers, and readers to return to your latest content. Marry that with a newsletter, and you will start to get returning visitors. Google loves when you get return visitors.

Shocking content

Use the "text shocker," which can break through the protective wall of even the most distracted reader. Bring the reader sharply and quickly to the heart of the matter. For example, as David Ogilvy did in his headline: " Send us a dollar, and we will heal your hemorrhoids, or stay with your dollar and your hemorrhoids ." The main thing here is to use moderation and don't overwhelm your reader.


Engage your readers in dialogue, no matter how strange it sounds. Ask them questions, provide an opportunity to complete the author's thoughts on their own. Here is where the writer will use words and expressions that are appropriate for the audience and the reader.


Conduct a contrast analysis of the proposal. That is, consider in the text all the arguments "FOR" and "AGAINST" your topic. When you pose a problem, make sure you provide solutions and give the reader room to make their conclusions.


Do not be shy about an expansive and vivid expression of emotions because ordinary human feelings are not alien to the reader. The increased expressiveness of the text always positively affects the capture of the audience's attention.

These are just some tips. You can also incorporate copywriting into a blog post to lead a reader to a product, service, or more. Blog posts are very powerful, Google will index them, and if you drive a little traffic to them, they can be a very inexpensive way to grow your businesses and your website.

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