Business Consulting - Creams to Keep Your Hands Looking Fresh and Young

Business Consulting - Creams to Keep Your Hands Looking Fresh and Young
Your face looks amazing. You keep yourself in shape, but your hands give away your age. This does not need to be the case. In business, every little bit helps.

Hands need careful care just as much as the skin on the face. Indeed, without care and moisture, they become rough, dry, and gradually fade with age. If you are serious about the role of well-groomed hands and the relevance of the status of the company, then it is useful to know a few basic rules and life hacks:

Rule 1

Like your face, your hands need to be scrubbed periodically. It will prepare your hands for applying cream, nourishing balms, and make your skin smoother and softer.

Lifehack: mix scrub and cream in proportions 30:70, where 70 is a scrub. Wash your hands thoroughly and wash off with warm water without soap. Unlike a scrub in its pure form, such a mixture will not injure sensitive skin and add softness.

Rule 2

We use everything that does not fit the face on our hands—namely, anti-aging serums, fluids, and creams. The skin of the hands also needs anti-aging ingredients, such as collagen or hyaluronic acid. It happens that serums cause allergies, acne, or other negative reactions, do not get upset and throw the product away; it will definitely come in handy for your hands!

Lifehack: apply serums that are not suitable for the face on the skin of the hands under your usual moisturizer. It is perfect if the products contain SPF because photoaging affects the skin of the face.

Rule 3

Do a super nourishing mask for the hands once a week. Mix olive oil or coconut oil with cream, spread in a greasy layer on your hands, and leave in cotton gloves for 10-20 minutes. The mask will moisturize the skin well, relieve dryness and cracks, smooth and fine wrinkles.

Rule 4

Ordinary soap will dry out your skin a lot. It is better to replace it with cream soap, liquid soap with oils, or special moisturizing foams for dry, sensitive hands in the cold season. The water temperature should be comfortable, not too hot or icy, about 25-30°. To keep your skin nourished, remember to use a thin layer of hand cream every time you wash them.

Rule 5

Sometimes, the nutrition from the cream is enough for the skin but not enough for the cuticles. Before going to bed, after applying the nourishing cream, rub any fatty oil into the cuticle. The more the area around the nails is moistened, the less visible and even the regrown cuticle.

Rule 6

To feel more confident, to raise yourself, your beloved, mood, and feel the power over the world, it is enough to do a manicure. Women perfectly understand the power of fresh manicure and use this weapon to the fullest.

When people ask me what the perfect office worker manicure should look like, I always say these are short, neat nails with a solid color finish. Colors: classic transparent pink, as it is the most unassuming to care for and always looks feminine and stylish; flesh tones, slightly more matte; classic red out of competition (this can include both dark red and burgundy), as well as varnishes of the color of precious metals - sapphire blue, emerald, purple-amethyst.

The restoration of the skin of the hands takes longer than the skin of the face, and if you do not carry out caring procedures, then the skin of the hands may not have time to recover at all. Therefore, it is imperative to use hand cream at home, in the office, before going outside, after washing your hands, and, of course, at night, when the skin is regenerating the most intensively.

It is better if you have several hand creams of different textures and volumes. A small cream can be carried with you in your purse and will be convenient to take on the road, dense textures are good to use at night and in the cold season, and products with a pump will be very convenient for use at work if you put it on your desktop.

What should be the composition of hand cream

Here are the main ingredients found in hand cream:

  • Vitamins (A, F, and others) - Provide additional skincare, prevent the appearance of skin rashes, etc.

  • Lecithin - Relieves irritation and inflammation, prevents skin aging.

  • Natural Vegetable Oils - Moisturize and nourish the skin.

  • Allantoin - It promotes the regeneration of skin cells, accelerates the healing of abrasions and wounds.

  • Glycerol - Moisturizes the skin.

  • Various Protective and Antibacterial Ingredients - Protects the hands' skin from the environment's negative effects.

  • Shea Butter - Protects the skin with excellent nourishing properties.

  • Natural Herbal Ingredients (chamomile extract, sea buckthorn, etc.) - soothes the skin, relieve irritation.

  • Aloe Extract and Beeswax - Possess bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties

It is important to choose the optimal composition and choose the type of hand cream that suits you.

If you follow the rules and use the life hacks, your hands will always be soft, gentle, well-groomed, and look noticeably younger!

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