Business Consulting - Three Cosmetics to Use on the Eve of a Big Meeting

Business Consulting - Three Cosmetics to Use

Every businesswoman wants to look commanding, in control, and youthful, especially on the eve of large and important events. It does not only help women; it is also useful for a man. Facial treatments are exactly what will allow you to quickly and effectively improve your face. And without side effects. But only if the correct techniques are applied.

Business consulting specialists recommend the procedures below to counter effects that can make a person look tired or not youthful.


If you need to get instant results, then injections won’t do it. They act quickly, but it can be problematic and take a while for inflammation to go down and your face to return to normal. Only do injections if you have a week or so to recover.

For the same reason, don’t conduct any medium and deep peels. Yet, superficial peeling works well. It acts only on the upper layers of the skin, so it does not require recovery time. The ANA acids in the preparations smoothen the skin, remove dead cells, tighten pores and give it elasticity. Also, a peeling session helps fight rashes and other cosmetic problems. The effect will be better if you use a mask and face serum immediately after peeling.


Alginate plasticizing masks are used as an independent express tool or immediately after peeling to eliminate traces of fatigue and smooth out fine wrinkles. These masks are based on the salts of alginic acid contained in seaweed - alginates. This substance can bind and retain a large number of water molecules, due to which it has an intense moisturizing effect on the skin. During the procedure, the powder of the alginate mask is mixed with water. The resulting mass quickly hardens, so it is applied to the skin of the face, neck, and décolleté within a few minutes. After 10-15 minutes, the mask becomes similar in consistency to rubber - it is completely plasticized, and after another 15-30 minutes, it is removed in a single layer.

Additionally, alginate masks are enriched with useful elements: mud, clay, salts, essential oils, hyaluronic acid, collagen, chitosan, amino acids, peptides, and vitamins. These masks are universal, suitable for any skin type, intensely moisturize, tone and increase elasticity, saturate with minerals and oxygen, and improve complexion. In addition, alginate masks promote the penetration of active substances into the skin; therefore, to enhance the effect, an active serum can be applied under the mask or immediately after it.

It is an effective express remedy for dry and tired skin. Even after one application, you will see the effect.

Active serum

The serum is the most powerful product in the line. Compared to most skincare products, serums contain very high concentrations of active ingredients. Most creams contain 5-10% of active substances, yet a serum greatly increases this figure by up to 70%. Skin serums are really meant to be workhorses. All serums are very easy to apply to the skin, are instantly absorbed, and are well distributed. Even a “couple of drops” will work due to the special composition and increased penetrating properties of nutrients into the deep layers of the skin. A small package will last for months of use, so the high price tag shouldn't scare you too much. This product is really worth the investment.

This trio helps to saturate the skin with active ingredients, leaving the skin healthy, radiant, and youthful, and as a bonus, give you energy and confidence.

Finally, try to go to bed before midnight and at least eight hours; this will positively affect your appearance. On the eve of the event, eliminate alcohol and do not drink many fluids before bed to avoid swelling.

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