Helpful Tips: How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Fresh if You are a Business-Woman over 40

You may ask the following question: How in the world can a career-oriented business woman or women entrepreneur stay young longer and keep her face supple and smooth if she constantly carries the worries of the world on her mind. It can feel like she is working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to make it happen.

After the age of 40, women have no other choice than to notice many changes in their bodies due to hormonal changes. It is worth noting that all these changes seriously affect the condition of the skin. First of all, you have to admit and understand that you can't use the same facial skincare routine that was efficient just ten years ago. You have to implement a different approach. If you are a 40+ career woman, you are busy building your mark in life, and you have no time to study tons of literature and search for the necessary information. I have prepared some helpful tips especially for you, woman to woman!

Here Are The Most Essential and Efficient Tips, Which You Can Easily Add to Your Daily Routine:

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1. Wash your face every day

You need to perform this beauty routine after waking up in the morning. Start by washing your face with warm, purified (soft) water and a cleanser. After that, you may use cotton pads and a facial tonic to remove dirt from the facial skin to make sure it is immaculate and ready for the day.

Follow the cleansing routine in the morning and the evening before going to bed. Remember this simple rule: Never go to bed with makeup on your face! Ensure that you use cleaners, which are suitable for your skin type (it is better to use organic and non-abrasive products to protect your skin). It is worth noting that the cleansing process is vital to make your skin look young and radiant.

2. Moisturize the skin

Another important habit that will help you to make your skin younger is daily moisturizing. When you are 40+, you have to choose only moisturizing creams that have antiaging properties. I recommend choosing products that contain collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C.

3. Don't forget about the sun protection

After reaching the age of 40, you will notice that spots on the face began to appear more often. That is why it is so important to use sunscreen every day. By choosing a foundation cream with a set of SPF protection agents in its composition, it will allow you to protect your skin from the sun's impact on your skin. I recommend using a protective cream regardless of whether it is cloudy or sunny outside. Don't forget to apply it to the entire face, neck, and neckline area because these areas usually are exposed to solar radiation.

4. Use serums

Even though not all women use serums, they are one of the best helpers in preserving youth and skin smoothness. It happens because they contain a wide range of essential substances that can easily reach the deep layers of the skin, which is simply impossible if you use ordinary creams. Apply the serum before the moisturizer, and you will see how your skin becomes brighter and more radiant. I recommend choosing serums with a tonic effect or rich in vitamins products.

5. Various peeling products

First of all, the process of peeling is an essential part of skincare. With the increase of years, the regeneration processes tend to slow down. Every time the damaged layer of dead cells is exfoliated, new fresh skin appears right under it. It has an increased ability to absorb oxygen and moisture, which allows you to normalize the metabolic processes and nutrition of the skin while significantly increasing the resistance to external adverse effects. There are many different types and peeling methods, which are used to solve specific problems and issues.

Healthy Sleep for the Career Woman

6. Healthy sleep is the key

If you are a female entrepreneur it might be tough getting enough sleep. Yet, It is worth noting that regular and healthy sleep is the key to cheerfulness, good physical condition, robust health, and much energy. The tissue regeneration process is active after 10 PM, but only if you organize your day to be in bed before this time. At the same time, our body produces hormones, which are necessary for everyday life activity. Therefore, it is crucial to go to bed before 11 PM. However, the duration of a healthy sleep depends on your body and specific requirements. Some people can get a full charge of energy in just 6 hours, while others will be tired even after 9 hours in bed. The average sleeping time is 8 hours a day. A common understanding based on science, sleeping for more than 10 hours and facing a lack of sleep is harmful to the body. Therefore, experts recommend allocating 7-9 hours to have a proper rest at night.

Additional recommendations:

1. Observe and control your weight

Don't forget that your metabolism slows down with aging. It is crucial and relevant after 30 years. If you ignore physical exercises and choose a low-activity lifestyle, you can impact your health and skin negatively. Choose any physical activity that interests you: swimming, strength training, yoga, Nordic walking, running, or just walking. All are beneficial and keeps the blood circulating and skin regenerating.

2. Choose the proper diet

It doesn't matter how old you are. A healthy diet remains a fundamental factor in a life of a human being. It is worth noting that your nutrition defines the proper operation of various human organs and the hormonal system. These systems affect your health, well-being, mood, and appearance. For the sake of beauty and health, you have to limit or altogether remove light carbohydrates, foods containing gluten, all types of sugar, dairy products, and CAFFEINE from the diet. No CAFFEINE no matter what it takes! You can easily replace all harmful edibles with herbs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, and unrefined organic oil. In just a month, with such a diet, your skin will be smooth and radiant, your hormonal background will be restored, while you will lose weight and enjoy much energy.

Note: Just because you change your diet doesn't mean your meals can't be tasty and enjoyable.

3. Increase your vitamin intake

I recommend paying attention to vitamin C since it has an antioxidant effect, thus minimizing the impact of free radicals on your face. In addition, it helps to synthesize collagen and keeps the skin supple and elastic. Vitamin E is natural skin protection against UV rays and toxins. Furthermore, it stimulates tissue regeneration well.

4. Drink plenty of water

Drinking enough water is vital at any age. However, after reaching the age of 40, you need to drink even more than usual. If you have an average weight, then 25-30 ml of liquid per 1 kg of body weight is recommended. Or 1 oz per every 2 pounds of body weight. If your weight is 132lbs (60 kg), you need to drink 30x60 = 1800 ml or 2 quarts (1.8 liters) per day. By following this recommendation, you will keep your skin hydrated and elastic at any age.

5. Choose a hair color that matches your skin tone

By the age of 40, you may have much gray hair, and if you want to keep your regular color or even change it, the healthiest way to do this is to have a professional work with your hair type. Here are some suggestions for hair color. If your hair dye is dark, you should go to the hairdresser more often to ensure that gray roots are not visible. Lighter tones and highlighted hair are the best choices to get rid of gray hair.

6. Choose light shades of makeup

Don't forget that a thick foundation and tiny particles of eyeshades, mascara, or pencils can get into wrinkles and creases, thus making you look older than your age. Softer eyeshades and a lighter lipstick color will hide flaws and attract less attention to problem areas. Moisturize your face well before applying foundation to make wrinkles less noticeable.

I wish you to be healthy, young, and happy!

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