Tips for a 40-Year-Old Career Woman on How to Protect the Skin During the Hot Summer Months

Summer is a wonderful time, a time of long-awaited holidays, sun, beaches, and travel along with all that is the sun and its promotion of the synthesis in the body of such vital substances as the "joy hormone" serotonin and vitamin D, which is necessary for normal absorption of calcium. But, alas, in summer, our skin is especially susceptible to the adverse effects of sunlight; ultraviolet light leads to dehydration of the skin, lowering its tone and elasticity, and thus provoking the appearance of wrinkles and photoaging.

Being a career woman, keeping your skin healthy can also help with keeping your business thoughts focused and energy going to the things that propel you forward. Having the proper level of vitamin D and serotonin can really improve your ability to focus and stay consistent on things that matter to you and your career.

Photoaging happens to the area of the face that is subjected to the sun's harmful rays. FUN FACT - Eighty percent of facial aging is related to the sun. The problem is aggravated if a woman experiences constant stress at work, smokes, does not follow a healthy diet, abuses cosmetics and alcohol, leads a sedentary lifestyle, and does not sleep enough. Add to this the deficiency of estrogen, which begins to decrease after age 35, and all that leads to a slowdown in skin renewal processes. The result is a tired and sometimes a haggard look.

Protection From the Sun is Vital For the Skin

Both type UV - B (UVB) and A (UVA) ultraviolet rays are responsible for sunburns and can cause allergies. They tend to penetrate the deep layers of the skin through the glass and are practically not constrained by clouds. These are the rays that lead to photoaging. That is why it is important to use cosmetics with SPF on the beach and in the city, even if you hardly leave the office and stay in the sun for only a few minutes. Choose a product that not only protects against unwanted radiation but also nourishes, moisturizes, and repairs your skin. It is important to apply for protection not only to the face but also to the neckline and arms.

Moisturizing the Skin

Career woman skin protection during the summer months

If you do not want to use SPF cream, it can be replaced using cosmetics that have sun protection as part of their composition. But be sure to apply a moisturizing cream with a prolonging effect under the foundation, as it will keep your skin hydrated. A great tip is to apply your moisturizer, emulsion, serum, mask in the evening after cleansing. Cleansing is also a mandatory procedure.

Powerful moisturizing and rejuvenating, especially in the summer, give bio revitalization. A standard method to get the kind of moisturizing required is through introducing hyaluronic acid through a series of injections.

In just a few procedures, you can make the dermis denser due to the synthesis of elastin and collagen, which protects against the negative effects of the sun, removes wrinkles, lighten pigmentation, deeply moisturize the dermis of the skin, normalize metabolic processes, and reduces enlarged pores.

Irrigate your face with thermal water as often as possible. Its benefits are undeniable - this procedure refreshes, moisturizes, and prevents moisture loss, softens the skin, prevents age-related changes, minimizes discomfort, and restores after prolonged sun exposure. After irrigating the skin on your face, wait a few seconds and blot the face with a clean and sanitized cosmetic towel or cotton pads. Do not leave drops on your face; this will only draw moisture out of the skin.

While in your home or office, maintaining optimal humidity levels is vital. Over-dry and less elastic skin of the face happens in a dry place. For this same reason, hair can become brittle and dry, and nails begin to exfoliate. A simple solution is to use a humidifier.

Vitamins Against Photoaging

career woman vitamins for the skin

Based on numerous studies, I have found evidence of the effectiveness of vitamins A, C, E, and B3 in slowing down the process of photoaging. The intake of vitamins can reduce the negative impact of sunlight on the skin. Vitamin A prevents the destruction of collagen and introduces volume. Vitamin C and B3 – are involved in the synthesis and maintenance of pigmentation. Vitamin E protects cell membranes and prevents early or the advanced aging process of the skin.

Products Witch Protect the Skin in Summer and Normalize Hormones

Cosmetics and food can help protect the skin from harmful radiation and maintain the expected level of estrogen in women 40+.

Consume foods such as tomatoes, bell peppers, citrus peel, green tea, watermelon, purple berries, turmeric, cocoa, fish, pomegranate, sweet potatoes, red wine, grapes, olive oil, guava, seeds, carrots, tofu cheese, cherries, apples and citrus fruits, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, nuts (especially almonds), cold-pressed vegetable oils (olive, grape seed oil), various varieties of cabbage.

When correcting the diet to these foods, you will be able to minimize the effect of solar radiation on the skin of the face and body and maintain the balance of estrogen genes for many years to come. The reward is the preservation of your health, youth, and beauty. And do not forget about drinking plenty of water.

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